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Product Intelligence

Product Intelligence refers to the automated collection, analysis, and sharing of data for actionable insights about a product’s performance. Product intelligence gives feedback to relevant teams so they can convert and retain users most effectively, and iterate and innovate with speed and accuracy.

Our PI team can deliver technically profound data for your product marketing through a combination of AI and Human interventions.
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Mining
  • Publishing
  • Logistics

Product Intelligence Methods:

Product intelligence gauges the degree to which clients are satisfied with your product, how they are utilising it, and, ideally,,why they are using it and when, in a holistic customer usage metric known as the “customer experience.

Customers no longer interact with a company or brand just through purchases but rather through this intricate dance known as the customer experience. The steps of this dance could involve everything from browsing your website to visiting a store to clicking open an email to recommending your product to a friend or another company.

If you have high product intelligence, then you have a very clear picture of what your customers are doing with your product, why, and when, and are constantly adjusting your product features and offerings to match this in a delicate, magical tango where the leader is both leading and being led. It takes two to tango. These two are the product and the customer. A dance is beautiful when it looks and feels totally smooth and easy because the partners are so perfectly matched..

If your product has a high level of product intelligence, it is continually giving you important information about what your customers find most satisfying.

Product Intelligence Benefits

  • Create a better customer experience
  • Product intelligence gives them the insights
  • Control over the quality of their products<
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Make measurable improvements