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who we are

Campaign Burst provides you with the most accurate company and contact data on the market, allowing you to find, contact, and then speak with real people who have a real impact on your sales and marketing goals, converting prospects to buyers

100% Manual Intervention

To maintain data accuracy, we use an old-school methodology of manually sourcing all information without the use of automation
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100% Quality checks

In comparison to other vendors' 5%-10% QC checks, we perform a 100% audit on each and every data point delivered.
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100% Email Audit

To ensure the accuracy of the emails, we use 4 levels of 3 different email check tools.
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Sales intelligence data you can trust

Our world-class research team validates and verifies the accuracy of our company technographics and firmographics to assist you in defining and locating accounts for your ideal customer profile To increase pipeline acceleration, our account intelligence will also tell you which of those accounts is currently in-market!


We are experts in Data Build, Validation, and Appending that serves 50+ clients and processes 0.5 million data per month

People who are commited to their
management tasks.
Signed projects that have been
confirmed complete!
International awards and cups
for design projects.

You didn’t notice data privacy anywhere outside


Contact and company search data — that’s just the beginning

Obtain the most up-to-date B2B contact information, including direct phone numbers and verified email addresses, to get in touch with customers at the right time

about us

Companies seeking the best B2B data rely on Campaign Burst

What We Do

We Make sure our clients are using the most efficient and effective data practices for their organization We Ensure our Clients Spending their time wisely and collecting the right data by using data strategies and roadmaps We Increase your customer capacity and improve workflow


Abilash U

Managing Director

Anil Kumar

Head of Operations

Sangeet S

Service Delivery Manager

Vasanth M

Project Manager

What Our Clients Say

As a B2B company, we rely on accurate and up-to-date data to reach potential customers. Campaign Burst has exceeded our expectations with their comprehensive data sets and market understandings. It’s been a game-changer for our sales team.

Sam Smith

Sales Executive

We tried several B2B data providers before discovering Campaign Burst, and none of them were able to provide the level of detail and accuracy that we needed. We’ve been incredibly impressed with their service, support, and their willingness to work with us to create customized data sets that meet our specific needs.

Gayatri Sharma


Using Campaign Burst has allowed us to streamline our marketing efforts and focus on the most promising leads. The insights we’ve gained from their data have helped us optimize our email campaigns and better connect with our target audience.”

David Moore

Head of Marketing

Before using Campaign Burst, we struggled to keep our database up-to-date and accurate. Now, with their service, we are constantly updating our data, we can trust that our information is always reliable. We’ve been able to save time and resources that were previously dedicated to data cleaning and updating.

Lisa Brown


We’ve been using Campaign Burst for the past year, and the quality of their data has been outstanding. It’s helped us better understand our market and target the right customers, which has translated into a 15% increase in sales

Cynthia Moore

Marketing Manager
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